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How do I add extra validation to document classifications?

Question asked by arnemeyer on Oct 8, 2014
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We're in the process of implementing data protection at a customer site, and one of the things the customer wants to check for, is credit card numbers


We have not been able to use the default policies provided by DataMinder, but have extracted parts of it and have something that works OK in most cases:




{%#\d[4]{ |-|/}\d[4]{ |-|/}\d[4]{ |-|/}\d[4]%}





  • Looks for a certain prefixes, and
  • Makes sure the number adheres to a given format, either 4 times 4 digits or 16 digits in all (yes, we now there are other formats, but this is what the customer wants to look for)


However, we see a too-large number from false positives, e.g. from tracking numbers embedded in webpages, and we'd like to add a check that looks at the LUHN-checksum of any given candidate number. I know such a check is supposed to be included in the product, but I haven't been able to get it to work. How do I plug it in e.g. the above parameter? Are there dependencies that need to be satisfied before I can do so?


Though CCN-/LUHN-validation supposedly comes out of the box with DataMinder, I'm also interested in knowing if it's possible to do custom validations and if so, how, since there are other numbers with other checksum algorithms that we'd like to implement, e.g. for national identification numbers that aren't (currently) part of the DataMinder policy sets.



Arne Vedø-Hansen