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New resources not showing on resource finder

Question asked by FloGoya on Oct 15, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 4, 2014 by navzjoshi00

Hello everyone! I am having some issues with the resource finder on Clarity 13.2.

When I click on the magnifying glass icon I can't see all the resources available for the period requested. I only see some of the resources. If I remove the dates from the 'Avalability' field on the filter all resources are displayed. The difference between the ones that are displayed and the ones that are not, is that the second ones are new resources and were created for testing purposes.


- I have checked the properties of the resources and there are no differencies.

- The new resources are not assigned to any task.

- I have run the following jobs:

1. TimeSlicing

2. Datamart Extraction

3. Datamart Rollup  Time Facts and Time Summary

4. Rate Matrix Extraction

5. Post Timesheet

6. Post Transactions to financials

7. Import financials Actuals

- I also have a ticket with support but we haven't made any progress so far. I would like to share this issue with you in case anyone else has already experienced something alike.



Thanks! Flo