TIP: Attachments with lowercase extension can be Uploaded but not Viewed eg .PDF not .pdf

Discussion created by Kyle_R Employee on Oct 20, 2014
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Hello Everyone,


Here is a Service Desk Manager setting that can be enabled if you notice the behaviour that SDM Attachments can be "Uploaded" but not "Viewed" on your system, if they have an uppercase extension.


That is, the default Adobe extension of ".pdf" works fine, but the version ".PDF" does not.


I can't claim the credit for the technical content - I must thank the engineers who went before me, in particular casgu01 whose notes I lifted directly. But I didn't see a Knowledge Document out there, so I thought it worth sharing.

CAUTION: Only apply these changes if you test and require them. This was reported on an older release, and operating systems and our products have been updated.

TIP: Attachments with uppercase extension can be Uploaded but not Viewed e.g. ".PDF" not ".pdf".


In order to open a file with the extension .PDF (uppercase):


- Go to web.xml file located under (Service Desk)\bopcfg\www\CATALINA_BASE\conf folder

- Edit and add the following mime mapping as per below. Add the following lines of code under this section:



  <!-- ==== Default MIME Type Mappings ===== -->







- After adding the above statements to web.xml file along with existing one's, please restart the Tomcat service by the following command.


        pdm_tomcat_nxd -c stop

        pdm_tomcat_nxd -c start


OR restart the services of Service Desk service.


*** IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not change the existing mime-mapping definition for existing lower case "pdf" extension.


- Please check if both attachments with lower case and upper case extension pdf and PDF can be uploaded and viewed properly.



I'm also happy to point out to other locations on the web, and the Service Desk Users Community (not run by CA) has a good thread with an extended list of other MIME type mappings such as the MS Office ones like "xlsx." Again, only use in required.


Thanks, Kyle_R.