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Apache Tomcat Log Analysis in v14.1

Question asked by Georgy N Joseph on Oct 24, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 20, 2016 by varve03

Hi Friends,


We completed a clarity upgrade from v13.0 to v14.1. So glad to see all those smart sections working like expand/collapse switches. We were also excited about the new performance analyze feature added for Tomcat users in v14.1. CA has added 5 new tables and 2 jobs for this new feature, as shown below:







and the 2 jobs being:

1) Tomcat Access Log Import/Analyze Job

2) Delete Log Analysis Data Job


Two days after the upgrade (once we were sure that we got some access logs to analyze the performance), we ran the first job to import logs and fill the above log tables. But to our surprise, only the LOG_SESSIONS and LOG_REPORTDEFS tables are being populated. No data in the other 3 tables


Did we miss anything here? Any other configuration to be done to activate this performance analysis feature? Please let us know if you were able to populate the other log tables as well.


P.S. The upgrade to v14.1 was so smooth. Thanks CA