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OpenAccess error 5531

Question asked by tremo01 Employee on Nov 5, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 6, 2014 by tremo01

I have installed CA SDM R12.9

1 background server

1 standby server

2 application server

MDB also in separate server

BOXI separate server


I was facing the open Access Error 5531. which is now resolved through the link


According to the above link I have enabled the 8.3 directory on all servers above mentioned except MDb server by uninstalling and installing again CA SDM R12.9.

For the BOXI and CA SDM integration I am using Background server. So Do I need to Unistall and Install again the oa60_client & oa60_server from background server ???

As I am also need to put cum patches for CA SDM R12.9.

Do let me know upon below questions:

1. I have reinstalled CA SDM R12.9 . So do I need to apply cumm patches first  OR

2. I have to unistall and install again the oa60_client & oa60_server from background server  first  as written in above link???

3. I am still facing issue  with boxi regarding the configuration of odbc through casd_<servername > Test Connect is not succeeding.


if you need to ask any question do let me know