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CA PPM 14.1 Database configuration issue

Question asked by JairFloresDC on Nov 7, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 12, 2014 by JairFloresDC

HI all,


I've found a bug on the v14.1 release , this is related to Oracle database configuration.


Looks like the 1521 standard port is HARDCODED somewhere on the NSA, as it doesn't really matters what port your organization uses, it will always try to connect to the Oracle DB using the 1521


This is how I confirmed the issue, I created a new database for clarity and put that on the 1873 port but kept 1521 enabled, when I updated the NSA settings to the 1873 port it showed as available, same thing if I used 1521, so I decided to try something else and put a random port and the DB still showed up as valid, which is not possible, so I took port 1521 offline from the DB server and no matter what port I entered DB connection was not valid from the CSA.



As long as you have oracle port 1521 open you should not see any issues because the NSA is defaulting the connection to 1521 port disregarding the NSA settings, same thing applies for either new installs or upgrades to 14.1


I have not been able to test similar scenarios for the MSSQL databases, has any of you experienced something similar?