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Discussion created by Duarte.Sousa on Nov 10, 2014
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Hello everyone!


I'm working with service catalog and I'm with the following problem:


I do have the BU: BU1;

BU1 has the offering: Offering1;

Offering1 has a option group with: Option1, Option2 and Option3.


So... I do have too other BU: BU2;

BU2 did get a copy as inherited from "Offering1";

BU2 has Option1, Option2 and Option3 (because it was inherited from Offering1);


My problem is: on BU2 I just want to show, for example the Option2, for that I go to the "Edit Offering Selection" window and check the options I want to see - Save - and... it keeps showing me the 3 options.

I know that the offering on the BU2 is inherited from BU1, but in my point of view, would make sense if I could select wich options I want to see or not on BU2.


Some hint/help would be appreciated.:)


Thanks and regards,

Duarte Sousa