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Random Error on Set Assignee Operator

Question asked by ijreis on Nov 12, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 13, 2014 by Tom_Kouhsari

Hello !


I'm facing a very strange error...

in my process, at some point i have to Assign one Incident on Service Desk, and after i have to Resolve it (update status);


So, to do that i have:


Operator to Set Assignee -> Update Status


on Set Assignee Operator, i pass two variables:

Process.utilizadorAssignee and Process.child


Randomly, an error occurs on this and my flow dont pass to Update Status Operator;

The error i got is:Detached when process ended (i include an image to ilustrate)

(when i say randomly, i mean that sometimes it occurs, sometimes not)


Despite this error, the Assignment on Service Desk is done, although even connecting both output ports (Green check and red cross) to the Update Status Operator, but in fact the flow dont follow that way ...


in your opinion, is this a Support Case?2014-11-12 16_22_20-WIN2008R2 - VMware Player (Non-commercial use only).png