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How to validate response XML doc to the Web Service?

Question asked by Steve0 on Nov 14, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2014 by Stefana_Muller

I'm in the process of making a test case for a delivery schedule and need a way to validate responses to the delivery schedule web service.


I hooked up a database to LISA which is fetching zipcodes, start dates, and end dates. It will grab the first zipcode to determine the region then based off the region will give a schedule of selected days that the products can be delivered by. The scheduled days are dependent upon the zipcode. These are datasets in the GetDeliverySchedule step.


I have LISA fetching 100 zipcodes from the database which intern fetches a delivery schedule list which has days between the Start and End Dates (From the database) which are available. After running them through the ITR I get an output XML doc which gives me responses. Right now I have to validate them manually by going into the webservice and entering the zip code then pulling up the calander and checking the XML responses to see if they match up. Is there a way to automaitcally check if the XML days match the webservice calander days so I don't have to do this manually?