Tuesday Tip: (CA IDMS) Performance enhancement for user exit 14

Discussion created by Eddy_G Employee on Nov 19, 2014

CA IDMS Tuesday Tip by Edward Gorga, Principal Support Engineer for November 18, 2014


An enhancement is available to exit 14 processing that can increase performance when running under zIIP. Optional bit 334 has been added which will skip all user exit 14 processing unless the program does a READY in update mode.  This can result in fewer swaps to and from the zIIP engine and the CP which can increase performance. To implement this new enhancement apply the following PTF:

For 18.0 - RO66978

For 18.5 - RO67058


After applying the PTFs, activate the feature by coding the following optional bit in module RHDCOPTF:

            #DEFOPTF  OPT00334