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Send reminder email

Question asked by CyanX on Nov 25, 2014
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I am looking for some advice. Currently I have a process in place that sends an email to a user, advising them of their user task. However, if they don't respond within a certain time-frame, we need to resend the same email, and prefix the subject with "REMINDER". I was thinking that I could loop the "Send Email" operator and do an "if" statement in the post execution code. I was going to do something like   Process[OpName].subject = "REMINDER: " + Process[OpName].subject if Process[OpName].CurrentLoopIteration > 0. But of course I can't modify a system variable. The other option I had was to just have two "Send Email" operators, with a delay in-between them, and pass the subject, to, and text fields from the first operator to the second. This works, but is there an easier and/or more practical option? Just wondering what others have done in this situation... thanks in advance.