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Affect of Removing Cost Type (Operating, Capital) from Project Settings View

Question asked by OptionJ on Dec 1, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 2, 2014 by OptionJ

Clarity Experts,


I have been asked to remove the required attribute, Cost Type from the Project > Main > Settings view without first considering what this move may affect.  Currently, Cost Type is a required field in PROD, but defaults to 'Operating' rather than 'Expense'.  My understanding is that Cost Type is used to identify at the project level if the investment is generally classified as operating or expense.  The task level will adopt this general setting until the task is altered for a different purpose at that level.  My question is, does it make sense to set Cost Type to default to 'Operating' and remove it from the view?  If not, I would like to itemize the Clarity functionality dependent on this setting to give a case to keep it in view and train users how Cost Type was designed.


Thanks in advance for your participaiton!