Help in understanding the limitations of filter options in a multi-dimensional portlet

Discussion created by vtleogal2 on Dec 8, 2014

question on why not all attributes work on a multidimensional portlet when filtering.


Use the OOTB portlet: actuals by transaction type-- 3 levels, that go down to the task and resource level

Resource and task are both listed as attributes (they are hidden as columns as all are lumped under the field "Transaction/resource.Date")

if I pull any field into the filter other than the default From and To dates  (other than those listed as internal )  - nothing works.  For example, I cannot search by a specific resource. Even If I edit the query to be a lookup for the resource instead of the text, it won't work. However, there are other single dimension portlets where the string search does work.

So, are the two related? Does a multidimensional portlet have limits on what it can search on or is that derived from the NSQL?  13.3 SQL    If you have the pmo accelerator  you will see this query/portlet.

Hope that makes sense