Performance ITPAM vs. CA Workflow

Discussion created by gisa.daniel on Dec 10, 2014
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Hi together,


at this time we are using CA Workflow to build up our processes. Unfortunately, CA Workflow is out of support. Now we are planning to migrate all processes to ITPAM. So far so good, i have migrate one process to ITPAM. The process is not huge and does not exquisite stuff, only read data from the db and calls some webservices.

I am scared about the process execution performance.

Process execution in:

CA Workflow: 2seconds

ITPAM: 20-30seconds.

I have also opened an CA Support Ticket, but i also want to ask ITPAM users about their performance / experience with ITPAM.


What is your average process execution duration?

What is your experience in ITPAM performance?

Can you compare ITPAM with other Workflow Systems like CAWF?


Regards Daniel