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Cannot update workflow's status

Question asked by CyanX on Dec 11, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 11, 2014 by CyanX

I have a Process (kicked off by a macro), in which I’m trying to get the handle of a certain classic workflow, in order to update the status via Update Object. The template I’m using is listed below:


10Group Start Task
20ISC Review
30Group End Task
40Group Start Task
50System Access (PAM)
60Group End Task


I am able to update the status of Sequence 20 without an issue using “Process.Select_Object_2.SelectDataResponse.UDSObject[1].Handle[0].text_” for the Object handle, but cannot update Sequence 50 to save my life. I am pulling in the workflow attributes via a Select Object operator, and I drilled down to the UDSObject of the SelectDataResponse to validate that I was grabbing the handle for the correct sequence. I’m using Process.Select_Object_2.SelectDataResponse.UDSObject[4].Handle[0].text_, but each time I run the process I get an error that says “Error setting attr 'status' on object 'wf:739036' to value 'SKIP'”.


If I’m getting back 6 responses, and the following is true…

Process.Select_Object_2.SelectDataResponse.UDSObject[0].Handle[0].text = Seq 10

Process.Select_Object_2.SelectDataResponse.UDSObject[1].Handle[0].text = Seq 20

Process.Select_Object_2.SelectDataResponse.UDSObject[2].Handle[0].text = Seq 30

Process.Select_Object_2.SelectDataResponse.UDSObject[3].Handle[0].text = Seq 40

Process.Select_Object_2.SelectDataResponse.UDSObject[4].Handle[0].text = Seq 50

Process.Select_Object_2.SelectDataResponse.UDSObject[5].Handle[0].text = Seq 60

…then I have no idea why the handle I’m using would be incorrect?? I have another Update Object operator in which I'm also getting an error trying to update the same Sequence, so that's why I'm thinking that the handle may be the issue. What am I missing? Please help!