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The relationship of different concept in Service Catalog

Question asked by YangChen Employee on Dec 30, 2014
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I'm trying to figure out the relationship among the concepts in Service Catalog but didn't find a official doc to introduce them. Could anyone help? It will be very helpful if there is a doc or chart to explain them.


The concept are: Service, Service Offering, Request, Request Item, Subscription, Option Group, Form...


Can I understand as below?


Service is the service definition when we click the Request page, it is the same thing with Service Offering


Request is one instance of service, it is called a request when we submit one service


One Service can contain 1 or many option groups, 1 option group can contain 1 or many options, 1 option can contain 1 or many forms


Request item in one request maps to the option group in the service


Subscription in one request maps to one form in in the service