Force at least one search filter on Discovered Assets form (SDM 12.x)

Discussion created by jw1 on Jan 11, 2015
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Service Desk Manager 12.x


There is an known issue when using the Discovered Assets search (list_ca_logical_asset.htmpl) available from the List CI's (list_nr.htmpl) screen.  If there are a large number of discovered assets and the user does not provide any search filter, then the slump can fail on the secondary server from which the search is run.  (I have not yet tested this in Adv. Availability configuration).


The issue workaround is simply to provide any search filter and the search completes with no problem.  However the form does not check for empty search filters.  This check is made on the parent list_nr.htmpl if you try to searched for owned assets.


I have looked at the DoSearch function under search_filter.js file and see where the check for empty filters is made.  I have not been able to call this from the list_ca_logical_asset.htmpl either directly or by adding to sitemods.js.


I'm a little rusty on this so any advice or suggestions for an alternate workaround until CA fixes this would be appreciated.