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process of SD exit on network disconnect

Question asked by sitch01 Employee on Jan 12, 2015
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The network impact SD process



Primary + secondary


You have a domsrvr and webengine configured on the secondary.

If you disconnect the secondary, make the communication to primary cut for one minute , domsrvr, webengine, etc... are died


If you disconnect the network less than 30 seconds, no problem of process died in the stdlog


Problem reproduced at will in 12.6 , 12.7 .



21944658-1 - P3 - EURIWARE - Pb Pj Rep_daemon

21979280-1 - P2 - CREDIT AGRICOLE TITRES - Application Not Working


detailed steps to recreate the problem


- have a primary and a secondary server

- move the vm of primary to a machine you can disconnect from the network

- The vm of the secondary is on your current PC host

- On your host, open the application on the secondary

- disconnect the network cable of the host running the primary vm

- on the secondary, search for incident, ...

Wait one minute to make sure

- check the process of SD

You will see domsrvr, webengine  process ended

The stdlog report webengine died, but in fact proctor, domsrvr, webengine

processes are all ended.




Do not disconnect the network card of the vm, disconnect the physical network cable.



How can we keep proceee of SD running even the network is disconnected for a time to set via an NX_*** variable ?


Please advise thank you

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