A resource is used twice but does not connect to the new tasks

Discussion created by BrandiHeffley4451738 on Feb 11, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2015 by Chris_Hackett

I have three oringial tasks that use the role "Publisher".  The booking manager goes into the unfilled allocations tab and replaces the role to "Joe" for a week timeframe.  Joe is now on the Team tab and all tasks that stated "Publisher" now say "Joe".

A few weeks later the Project Manager needs to add new tasks for a "Publisher".  The booking manager goes into the unfilled allocation tab and adds "Joe".  When this happens, the roles allocations remove from the Publisher role on the study to Joe (because he was on the project before, which is fine) however the new tasks that had "Publisher" still show "Publisher" and these new tasks are not connected to Joe.

We have been using work arounds by going into Assignments on the Task tab or manually going into each task to change all these task from "Publisher" to "Joe", but this has added 10 hours of work per week to the booking manager.


Is this the way the system should behave?  My booking managers are getting fustrated and have begun using external spreadsheets instead of the tool.....HELP!