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Siteminder 12.0 and access to Java 1.6.x

Question asked by brodginskicc on Feb 18, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2015 by Karmeng

Although we are currently planning our upgrade to 12.52 (SP1 CR01 at this point), it is very likely that we will still have 12.0 Siteminder policy servers until the fall. Since 12.0 can only use Java 1.6.x,  our audit and compliance department is repeatedly dinging us for being on this older, unsupported releases of Java.  In order appease them  we have attempted to keep up to date on newer releases, however, it is becoming increasingly difficult to obtain newer updates to 1.6 (It was VERY difficult to get the .81 update).


Since 12.0, which can only use Java 1.6, will continue to be supported until mid 2016,  would it be possible for CA to make the 1.6 updates available to customers?