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SDM 12.5 unresponsive during Auto Close processing

Question asked by RichardA on Feb 26, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 5, 2015 by Mark_HE

Experiencing an issue during auto close processing where SDM becomes unresponsive.


At 08:05 Mon - Thu, 500-800 incidents are set for auto closure.  At this time SDM becomes unresponsive for up to 5 minutes until all incidents are processed.

Symptoms are CGI timeouts, screens take minutes to refresh and some users need to close browser sessions and reconnect to SDM before response recovers.

On Friday volumes increase to approx 2000 and users can be impacted for up to 15 minutes.


Auto Close is set to 36 hours for incidents.  Auto close processing for Requests, Problem and Change tickets has been configured not to overlap.


Regular hours workshift is defined as

Mon - Fri {8:01 am - 5:00 pm}


Any incidents resolved outside of regular hours are set for auto closure at 08:05


Auto close processing was reconfigured to occur at 08:05 as the time of least activity on the servers and reduced number of users connected (400-500 users) within the Regular Workshift.


Looking for suggestions on how to move Auto Close processing outside of Regular hours workshift or other suggestions to remove the impact on users.