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Extract table data Catalog 12.7

Question asked by ElwynnMartin on Feb 26, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 22, 2015 by ElwynnMartin

When using tables as field sets in form designer (Catalog 12.7) none of the user entered data seems to be making it to the review screen and subsequently getting passed into PAM.


When I put fields inside tables their data no longer passes through. If I add a text field to the form outside the table it's data passes through as expected, but if I drag the field into a row in a table user entered data doesn't make it to the review screen or get passed into PAM. The only exception to the problem seems to be text I put in the 'Value' field in form designer, it stays even on the review screen but doesn't get passed into PAM.


Based on the documentation it seems there shouldn't be any extra scripting necessary to extract the data from the fields in the table.

Am I missing something?

Has some one else used tables successfully?