Critical notification for CA APM/Introscope Workstation Web Start client regarding JRE certificate expiry

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Hello APM Communities,


shortly this will be reaching customers also as a Proactive Email Notification:



Dear CA Customer:

The purpose of this Critical Alert is to inform you of a potential problem that has been recently identified with CA APM/Introscope Workstation Web Start client. Please read the information provided below and follow the instructions in order to avoid being impacted by this problem.

PRODUCT(S) AFFECTED: CA APM/Introscope Workstation

RELEASE: 9.7 and under


On March 1, 2015, CA APM Java JRE certificate will expire. This will impact all the customers who use web start client. Customers who initiate the workstation through the downloaded JNLP will be blocked if their security is set beyond medium.

On March 2, 2015, customers using web start client for initiating the workstation, will encounter an Application Blocked Security alert, if their security setting is configured beyond medium. Further clicking on the ok button will quit the process without any action.

If not resolved customer cannot access the enterprise manager with web start client.


Below are options to work around this issue:

   Option 1: If the security level is set to high or above, the level should be brought down to medium. Once the security level is set to medium, the web start client can be initiated to start the workstation.

   In order to do this -> Go to Control Panel -> Java - > Security and adjust the security level.

   Option 2: Add the web start URL to the exception site list. Once this site is added reinitiating the web start client starts the workstation.

In order to do this - > Go to Control Panel -> Java - > Security -> Click on Edit Site List and add the URL in the location box.


Resolution in progress, a follow up notification will be sent when available.

If you have any questions about this Critical Alert, please contact CA Support.

Thank you,

CA Support Team

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