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Report runner (user) and parameter values entered stored in DB?

Question asked by Matthew.Paxman on Mar 2, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 4, 2015 by Dave

Hi Everyone,


Just recently released a report that just takes a project ID as a parameter to run. Was wondering if there's anywhere in the database that stores the report name, the user ID of the user who ran it, the datetime it was run, and the value entered into the required parameter? I think I found a few tables that could help after speaking with CA Support but I we couldn't quite get it working the way it needed to.


The closest I have to getting it working was this query:


select * from cmn_attribute_values where ATTRIBUTE_SET_ID = (select id from  cmn_attribute_value_sets where name = 'your_saved_parameter_name')


But unfortunately CMN_ATTRIBUTE_VALUE_SETS.NAME is stored as a number not as the text name I gave it in Clarity, and I'm not sure what table has a value that related this NAME number back to the text name.


Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated.