How to create virtual services to stub a DB from ETL tool?

Discussion created by Rohit.Agarwal on Mar 11, 2015

Hi Everyone,


I am using an ETL (Extract, Transformation and Load) tool 'IBM Infosphere DataStage' and looking to create stub using CA LISA SV to replace any DB (e.g. Oracle or Sql Server)


As of now we connect to Oracle from ETL tool (we supply DB, User/Password details in ETL component and it connects to DB host using TNS service name configured at 'tnsnames.ora') or in case of SQL server we use ODBC drivers to connect.


Is there any possibility and that we can put Lisa SV in between ETL tool and DB and record all the transactions and when we have to run the virtual services then we do not need to change any ETL code but just change in some of the configuration.


I am not sure how we can change DB details (which were pointing to DB server earlier) to point to Lisa host and port.


Please advise.