keap all domains in Manager login dialogue

Discussion created by rpollard on Dec 5, 2009
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Edited: script removed, please see new version in later post

We run multiple Nimbus domains but as they are on different subnets sometimes the hubs loose contact with each other and the login dialogue from the Manager when logged into one domain will not list all the others.

This can be resolved by opening the hub probe, going to the domain tab and the doing an alive check on all the yellowed out hubs.

or you can write a probe ...

The attached script is run every hour as a probe on each of our hubs.  It finds which domain it is in then used the list of hubs and domains in the .cfg file to find the other hubs and send a quick checkhub.  The probe will need to run with admin rights.  It uses our customised CFG.pm I uploaded in my last thread.

Edit: following issue solved, thanks Keith & Stian
I was trying to get the hub list from the hub probe by invoking the gethubs method but this was not working for me.  Any ideas welcome.