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Discussion created by carstein.seeberg on Oct 15, 2008
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This package contains a set of lua scripts that will generate various reports from data extracted from the NAS.  It is meant as a tutuorial and a starting point for exploiting the endless possibilities of the NAS scripting engine.  This package also utilizes a cool service from Google called the Google Chart API, to generate QoS (CPU) graphs, top 10 hosts and an event distribution chart.

Drop the package into your archive, and deploy it to the NAS robot.
It assumes that the report_engine is installed locally, and it will attempt to generate the files into the report_engine's Reports/nas folder.  This can also be tweaked according to your own needs.

I have created a recurring schedule that runs every 5 min from 07:00 to 18:00,
but please note that large and repetitive queries will put extra strain on the NAS...

Enjoy, and let me hear about the changes that is made.


Some screenshots below: