Updating alarms with LUA

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We had an old thread on this topic but it was becoming dated and thought it best to start a new one. For historical purpose here is the link to the old topic.




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Basic Alarm manipulation using NAS LUA Scripts

Nas Whitepaper - attached to post


Updating Alarms with LUA


When the original thread was started in 2009 we did not have the UMP portal, USM or the NIS2 DB structure.Much remains the same but somethings have moved on.


Attached to this post is the NAS whitepaper which we will referance throughout this evolving post.



Changing Alarm Severity


Below is some sample code that can be used to change the severity of an alarm using pre-processing rules and the "script" action.


a = alarm.get()  new_alarm = {} new_alarm.nimid = a.nimid new_alarm.level = 4 new_alarm.severity = "major"  alarm.set(new_alarm)


Note: The level and severity must equate while level is an int and severity a string value, for example:


0 = clear

1 = information

2 = warning

3 = minor

4 = major

5 = critical