automated_deployment_engine scripting

Discussion created by jonhcw on Nov 11, 2013
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Has anyone used the "submit_job_xml" callback on automated_deployment_engine? I'm trying to create a simple custom interface for pushing robots.


Probe utility doesn't show what parameters the callback takes. Why they should be any kind of secret, I don't know. However, looking into it, I figured it requires two parameters:


"filename" which contains the name of the xml file uploaded from USM. This is a string type field.

"file_content" which contains the xml with the installation information. This is of type "22" and I can't figure out just what that means. 21 is PDS.


I tried submitting the XML as a string, but that just results in an error message "content is not allowed in trailing section". I assume this is due to the wrong data type there.


I can find data types in different API references, but not their corresponding numeric representations. Furthermore it seems, that this datatype is not supported by Perl API or NSA. If anyone knows more about this I would be grateful.