Problems using ciOpenLocalDevice and ciOpenRemoteDevice in .NET SDK

Discussion created by henrik.thorsen on Dec 28, 2012
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I have developed a probe in .NET SDK that I want to adopt to the new USM data model used in UMP60. I am following the code example in UMP60 user manual, but the ciOpenLocalDevice and ciOpenRemoteDevice methods always returns NULL instead of a valid CIHandle.


The fileversion of the NimbusAPI.dll file is

(I have also downloaded the newest .NET SDK (shows up as version 2.2 in Infrastructure Manager, but the file version of the NimbusAPI.dll file is, but with this version the UserLogin() method fails.


Any suggestions on how to make this work using .NET SDK?


See code below:


// For development testing only
            Controller.IP = "";
            Hub.IP = "";
            ProbeInfo.Name = "TIUProbe";

            UserLogin("administrator", "intelinet");

            CIHandle hCI = ciOpenLocalDevice("1.1", "Total");
            CIHandle hCI2 = ciOpenRemoteDevice("1.1", "Total", Controller.IP);

            int res = ciAlarm(hCI, "1.1:3", "TIU Probe ok", 3, "", "86.11", "", null);