WASP ProbeWS getConfigurationValue method is returning full configuration

Discussion created by Ogun on Aug 18, 2012

According to the ProbeWS  documentaion:



java.lang.String getConfigurationValue(java.lang.String robotAddress,                                        java.lang.String probeName,                                        java.lang.String key)

Gets a configuration value for a probe.


The method always returns the full configuration information no matter what key value provided as a parameter!

Here is an example of the result (as String) for the qos_engine probe: 


[ProbeConfig [key=/startup/opt/java_mem_init, value=-Xms32m], ProbeConfig [key=/startup/opt/java_mem_max, value=-Xmx128m],  ProbeConfig [key=/setup/loglevel, value=0]]


I tried using "/setup/loglevel", "/setup/loglevel/", "setup/loglevel", "setup loglevel", "loglevel", even an empty string as the value for the key parameter. Result is always is the same! For short results it's not a problem, I can parse it easily, but for long configuration information this might be a problem! We are planning to use the logmon probe, in which we will be having thousands of profiles and many config settings for each of them, so it is preferable to get just the information that we need based on the provided key!


Did anyone run into the same situation? Any solution to this problem?