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How To Start A Custom Probe

Question asked by CodyLane on Sep 16, 2011
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We have a need for testing a new custom probe that we have written in house and we are having difficulty trying to get this probe to start after it is installed or activated in the Infastructure Manager.


We are primarily developing Linux probes using the Java API.  We built out our package and placed all the associated files into the package and installed it on a Linux robot.  To our surprise the probe is green, however looking at the log file it is not running.  We have set the probe to a 'daemon' probe becuase it is a thread that runs every 5 minutes.  The shell script used to invoke the probe can be executed from the directory it lives in but using Infastructure Manger to stop/start/restart/acrivate/deactive does not work.  We have been banging our heads against the wall on this and just need some advice on how to get this probe working.


Any help or ideas are greatly appreciated.