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Perl how to list all robots in a domain

Question asked by CodyLane on Jul 26, 2011
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I am writting a basic probe which will run on a single host, and pull information from other robots and or hubs.... At least initially, I am trying to just connect to my controller and issue the command 'gethub' much like in the way the pu utility works from the command line.  I have used the code wizard to generate a sample template and have watched the 'Create a custom probe in Perl' video as well as poured through all the Perl SDK API but am having trouble trying to understand how to connect to my controller.  If anyone can provide an example of how to do this I would greatly appreciate it.


I am stuck on whether or not to use a PDS object or use a Session object and register a callback. 


My goal is to get the information much like this command but use perl SDK instead.


pu -u <username> -p password controller gethub