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Get each Alarm and create XML file per Alarm

Question asked by Jarrod on Feb 2, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 3, 2011 by keith_k


I am tasked with creating XML files for our company's ticket system. I have the sample lua script which gets an Alarm List of current alarms and creates one big xml file with every alarm. This is close to what i need but a little changes are needed.


I need the XML file to be created per Alarm and also need to Only be created once so that only one ticket gets created.


I know I can catch alarms information one at a time in the auto operator but how can i be sure to only create the xml file once per alarm and not create an XML file for everytime the alarm comes in that is a suppresion of a current alarm? I just need to create an xml for the root alarm.


If you have done this any other ways, examples, scripts or ideas you can supply would be extremely helpful as I am new to LUA and Nimsoft.