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.net api custom probe Failed to Register Probe

Question asked by Jarrod on Nov 13, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2010 by Jarrod

I am developing a custom probe and have used the example probe from the .NET API Documentation. When running from Visual Studio Debugger it registers and shows as a yellow Probe for my Robot as it should. When I created the probe package and included the probe.exe, probe.cfg, NimbusAPI.dll. I then deploy the probe and the myProbe.Register throws an exception. Below is the piece of code that was provided in the API Documentation:





Sub Main()

Dim myProbe As MyProbe = New MyProbe()



Catch ex As NimException

myProbe.Log(LogLevel.Normal, "Failed to register probe", ex)

Exit Sub

End Try


End Sub



Any help is greatful,