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Service Ticket creation based on Alarms

Question asked by stevepurdie on Oct 25, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 10, 2010 by stevepurdie

Hi guys,


My challenge might sound rather strange but it is proving to be harder than i had first expected.


I am looking to allow operators the ability to create Service Desk Tickets (TSD anyone ?) from the actions list, and then have that Ticket ID updated back into the alarm list.


I currently have a batch/perl script which takes the arguments from the alarm and passes them to an external server on receipt of the new ID, I pass this then to a log file. I cannot find a way of executing lua outside of AO, so that avenue has been crossed off.


I was also hoping there was a simpler way of doing this, considering most use a webservice of sorts...


thanks in advance for helping a novice, i'm trying to get myself up to speed on the product whilst improving existing probes.


Steve P