NSA/LUA - Problems with nimbus.request()?

Discussion created by technik on Oct 13, 2010
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I'm wrote a lua script for transfering some files from robots to a central directory.

The script gets the ownHub, gets the hublist from his ownHub, cycles through the hubs, gets all the robots a.s.o.


During the run some nimbus.request ends with a return code not equal 0.


Some, but not all getrobots requests on hubs - nimbus.request("/domanin/hub/robotname/hub","getrobots") - ends with the returncode 4. rc=4 means (according the nsa technical brief) NoEntry. That's not possible - or?


On two robots the nimbus.request("/domanin/hub/robotname/controller","probe_list") ends with a retuncode 15. What does rc=15 means?


Any hints are welcome.