LUA Timed Probe: sometimes error code 255/0 returned

Discussion created by technik on Jul 7, 2010
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I have developed a LUA Probe and use it as timed probe on my NMS server. The probe runs every 30 seconds, search for new files in a directory, convert the new file and store it in another directory. The lua script works fine if no new file found. If a new file is in the directory the lua script do some pre-routines, read the new file and .... crashed. In the logfile the error "Jul  6 17:22:59:868 [4304] Controller: Timed probe transformator returned error code 255/0" occurs. Strangely the error occurs on different places, but mostly at the same place. If I have enough patience the script runs every 30 seconds and crashes for e.g. 8 runs. Without any changes in the lua script or the files or directory the script runs suddenly without an error and does his work as expected. In the past I noticed this 255/0 error sometimes after the script has ended.


I test it with nsa 1.11 and 1.12.


In the code I use probe.register(...) (second source line) and probe.unregister() (last source line)..


Any ideas what happens and how to avoid this?

Any hints are welcome.