SDP Invalid Query

Discussion created by tbeckman on Nov 3, 2009
Latest reply on Nov 14, 2009 by guttorm.husveg

maybe someone can point out what I'm missing here.  Basically I am looking to create a two column table that rolls up the total count of alarms for each hub.

Essentially looking like this:

Site         Alarms
------     ----------
East         100
West          80

I have the following query running as a datasource for a table object in the SDP:

--select distinct(origin) as Site, count(nimid) as alarmcount from nas_alarms group by origin order by alarmcount desc--

When I run this as a query in SQL directly or through the query tool that comes with the Service Level Manager, it works perfectly.

When I add the query to the datasource and run a "test" when configuring columns, it works...returns two columns "Site" and "alarmcount".  All looks good at this point right?  Wrong....

When I save and publish the SDP, upon opening the dashboard, the table object just sits there with an "invalid query" message.

Am I missing something or did I hit an odd bug?

Thanks for any help,