Question about NAS script alarm.get() function

Discussion created by keith_k on Aug 7, 2009
Latest reply on Aug 8, 2009 by keith_k
It just came to my attention today that the NAS whitepaper says this about the alarm.get() function:
Returns a table of alarm data for the given nimid. If used without the nimid it will return the current alarm data, and is only used in conjunction with the on-arrival AO profile method.
I remembered there was a warning about using the function without an argument, but I thought it said that could only be done with AO profiles.  I did not remember it specifically mentioned only on-arrival profiles.

As a result, I started using the alarm.get() function without an argument in other AO profiles that fire on interval instead of on arrival.  The strange thing is that it seems to be working fine!  But now that I see the warning, I am wondering if I need to avoid it.  My questions:
  • Is the whitepaper accurate that other AO profile types besides on-arrival really should not use the alarm.get() function without an argument?
  • If so, why is it working for me?
  • If I should not use that function in that way, how can my script know which alarm caused the AO profile to fire?  That seems to be the only method by which I can tell.