AO profile and on_trigger mode

Discussion created by shakeel.sorathia on Jul 23, 2009
Latest reply on Jul 24, 2009 by keith_k
I'm running into a little issue that I'm unable to resolve regarding
having a profile with the on_trigger mode selected.  So the issue is
that if I have a trigger that already has 1 event in it, and it's state
is true, when I activate the profile that has the on_trigger mode
against this trigger, it doesn't seem to run until something new hits
the trigger.  I've tried a combination of the checkboxes in the AO,
I've even tried disabling the trigger first, enabling the profile, then
reenabling the trigger, but it seems the only way to get the profile to
work is to actually add an alarm to the trigger.

The problem with that is in operation the trigger may not get something
in it for a long time, which would mean that the other alerts that are
already in there, wouldn't get processed.  Is there something that I'm
missing to get the profile to start up?  Is there a way to have the
profile run when the nas restarts?