Introducing the Nimsoft Script Agent (NSA)

Discussion created by carstein.seeberg on Jun 18, 2009
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The NSA is a multi-platform (currently Windows, Linux and Solaris) script engine based on the Lua language and built-in services like NimBUS, SNMP, ADO (windows), sqlite and simple networking (TCP/ICMP).  It requires no runtime environment.  It also supports threading (very useful when writing maintenance or other time consuming functions), as well as the Lua based co-routines.  The NSA also gives you the option of creating scrambled (and host-locked) passwords that may be used in login, community strings and connection strings.

The package includes a PDF for documentation, as well as examples on how to utilize the various function classes.  You can create a full-blown NimBUS probe in less than 10 lines of code.  I'm also enclosing the latest version of the CodeWizard (1.60) that will generate code for the NSA.

The installation is done through drag-n-drop over the NimBUS manager.  All files will be installed on the target robot under the SDK/nsa directory.

The memory and disk footprint is about 2MB.

The tip of the day is to use the Crimson Editor for script development.  You may, after installing the NSA and codewizard packages (standard probe installation) and Crimson, configure a user-tool that (see png) that allows for script-editing in the top and executing with output in the bottom pane.  The package also contains syntax high-lighting files for Crimson.

The NSA 1.04 and the CodeWizard 1.60 is now (Aug. 14) available as official downloads in the archive.  Please open up a new thread in this forum when having questions/problems regarding the NSA, mainly because of the poor forum tools ability to handle large threads.

Anyway, I hope you find this useful.

Happy scripting,