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Custom Linux probe keeps restarting

Question asked by JeffRosenzweig62353713 on Jan 24, 2009
Latest reply on Jan 27, 2009 by JeffRosenzweig62353713
I have a custom Linux probe that runs well when not deployed through Nimbus.

When I deploy it via Nimbus, the probe's log shows that the probe is being restarted several times per second until the max restarts is reached for the probe and the controller kills it.

When I log in to the Linux machine and go into the probe directory and run the probe, I immediately receive a "Real-time signal 0" and the program dies. If I create another directory (eg.: /opt/nimbus/probes/mycompany/probename/) and copy the binary and config there, then run the program, it works again and isn't constantly restarted...

Has anyone seen anything like this and have suggestions?

Note: My program handles the signals SIGCHLD and SIGRTMIN to do it's processing, not sure if the controller is expecting different behavior from my program if these signals are received.