VBScript won't run as a probe

Discussion created by kevin.barrett on Apr 27, 2007
Latest reply on Sep 23, 2009 by support-atisw

I've created a very simple vbs script to post an alarm to NimBUS. When I run it directly on the remote computer the Simple.vbs script successfully submits the alarm from the robot machine to the NimBUS hub.

When I attempt to create a probe adding the Simple.vbs file and a probe definition it fails on the remote robot with the error:
(command = Simple.vbs) error = (193)

What gives? This must be a package configuration issue since the vbs works, but the probe fails.

Here's the code:
set NimBUS = WScript.CreateObject ("Nimbus.nim")
Const PrgName = "RegistryReader"

Dim LogLevel
Dim LogFile

Dim IntOption
Dim StrOption

LogLevel = 0
LogFile = PrgName + ".log"

IntOption = 0
StrOption = ""

NimBUS.LogSet LogFile, PrgName, LogLevel, 0
NimBUS.Log 0, "--------------<Starting>--------------"

supp = NimBUS.SuppToStr(0,0,0,"RegistryReader")
NimBUS.Alarm "Just a test",4,supp,"1.1.2",""