USM not displaying all metrics

Discussion created by jonhcw on Feb 9, 2015
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Have been looking at this for a while now and cant seem to figure out what's wrong with it.


In USM, on the "details" tab for a host I can see most of the metrics just fine. The only thing it's not showing me is QOS data for interfaces and disks, but it does show the correct list of devices there as well. If I go to the "metrics" tab, it'll say that no metrics are available for this host.


In PRD I can see that these metrics are available. I've verified the ID linkings in S_QOS_DATA, CM_CONFIGURATION_ITEM_METRIC, CM_CONFIGURATION_ITEM, CM_DEVICE and CS_COMPUTER_SYSTEM. There are no inconsistencies, no unexpected nulls, no duplicates, nothing that would make me suspicious. That is to say, I can link a metric ID from S_QOS_DATA all the way to CS entry through all the tables. There is no difference between the metrics that are displayed (such as CPU usage) and the one's that aren't (such as Disk usage percentage).


If I go to the "interfaces" tab it'll list all the devices correctly, but no metrics are displayed. This far I've attributed this to it being a new feature (udm stuff). This isn't currently a major concern for me.


I've reset the discovery data like a dozen times (the old way, and the new way with udm_manager/datomic_kvs), but that doesn't seem to help.


If anyone has any suggestions what I might have overlooked, I'd appreciate it.


I'm on 8.1.. and yeah I have a support case open about it.