mpse Monitoring Provisioning Service Ecosystem

Discussion created by comfortably_nim on Jan 14, 2015
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So as near as I can tell, mpse is part of the adminconsole.  Apparently not very many people at CA know what it does.  Various documents contain fragments that are irrelevent, wrong, outdated or contradictory.


"Licensing for UIM Snap. In UIM, indicates it is not a snap deployment? It does something? Must be in a deployment. Only on primary?"


7.5 claims it should be deployed on all hubs, but that doesn't seem to be the case. Possibly needed on all admin hubs.  Netstat shows it makes connections to the database, so that wouldn't even be possible on a remote probe.


The probe groups doc summarizes it as providing config guis for the admin console, but other sources claim thats what ppm does.


I've got a case open at support, and so far all they could tell me was that they found a communication diagram which doesn't seem to include a database connection.


Guessing on the non-obvious ones:

DE = data_engine

QP = qos_processor

DISCO = discover_server

AC = adminconsole

AE = Alert Enrichment

NAP = ?

WIM = ?

monitoring_services is one of the tomcat webservices used by admin console.


Does anyone know what the **** this thing does and how it's supposed to be deployed.  Primary hub only? HA? On every admin console?