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Create a Page Report with 100+ Perf Report Designer Views

Discussion created by Daniel Blanco Champion on Aug 5, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 1, 2014 by Garin

Hello, I have to create a Analytical report for one of our clients. I created the PerformanceReports Designer Graph Layout with one Specific Machine with the metrics we need to display in a graph for last quarter. 

I have ~ 160 machines that I need to run the report on. 


We tired using Jasper iReport but that crapped out when we went past 20+ days on the 160 machine set in the report. 

I then created List Views and that worked but now need to do the graphical representation displaying 4 QoS metrics on for each machine since April to June. I have the list of 160+ machines.


Is there an easy way to use the PRD View I created and generate a html or xml page that will list all 160 machines on one page instead of doing a New Page, Add portlet and then specifying the PRD graph I created for that one machine, then changing the Host for each...?
I tried using the PRD with the Filters but that ends in just a mess of a graph. It's not easy to view at all.