UMP LDAP and dashboard drill downs...

Discussion created by careyb on Apr 10, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 14, 2014 by jonhcw

Hi everyone,

   I have UMP configured to use e-mail address rather than username and I have my system integrated to an LDAP directory.

This all works well for most things but I notice that if I hit a drill down in a dashboard - for example an alarm light in order to drill down to the alarm. Or if I drill down from a dashboard to a performance report that I have created and then copied the URL then I get prompted for a login prompt at the point of drill down. This new login prompt will not accept the new LDAP login details. If I specify an old style username and the old password (i.e. a Nimsoft one rather than an LDAP one) then it will let me in.


Anyone any ideas why this might be? Have I missed some config somewhere when I switched to email rather than username?


All hints appreciated.