upgrading to UMP 6.2 and malfunctioning reports created in previous versions of UMP

Discussion created by rgivens on Feb 14, 2013
Latest reply on May 24, 2013 by Chris548

Has anybody experienced issues with reporting in UMP 6.2.  I'm finding that reports that I created in previous versions of UMP don't function after upgrading to UMP 6.2.  They actually cause IE to spike in CPU and memory consumption till the point the machine attempting to view the report locks up.  I can create a new report in UMP 6.2 that is a exact duplicate of a report that is malfunctioning and save / open it without issues.  If i try to open the report that was created in an older version of UMP though Internet Explorer goes from using 60MB's of memory to 1.5GB's in minutes.  Recreating all of the reports we use is not a viable options as the amount of time it would take to rebuild them.  I'm using IE9, which is a supported browser for UMP 6.2.