Ports required for NMS

Discussion created by sandtrapjack on Dec 5, 2012

First post, first question.......


Have an extensive VMware environment and using VSheild. Several remote hub servers queued to send to a single relay server.


As I check the detailed flows in vSheild, I see numerous ports in use on one specific hub, but those ports are not being used on the remaining hubs.


My question is what ports/protocolls are required for monitoring my environment? Right now I am seeeing packets for FTP, TelNet, SMTP, DNS, HTTP, KERBEROS, POP3, NBSS, MS_RPC_TCP, IMAP, LDAP, HHTPS, MS-DS, LDAP-over-SSL and MS-SQL-S.


But the remaining hubs do not show near as many ports. My question is wrapped completely around what I can disallow in vShelid and what I have to allow. Need to lock down the environment but not disrupt monitoring.


Any assist is appreciated.